About us

In MEDA-3 we are fully dedicated to the professional, high-quality and effective accomplishment of all processes included in the manufacturing and assembling of plastic and aluminium doors and windows and windowpan assemblage.

Short history

The modest MEDA-3's beginnings can be located back in 1992, when the firm "Universal - Crystal" was founded. With its dedication and professionalism, in the proceeding several years, MEDA-3 has grown into a regional leader in its area. The international certificates that were awarded to our company serve as a proof for the success of the work we do, as well as for the collaboration with top domestic and international partners and clients from different areas.

MEDA-2 was awarded the ISO 9650 certificate of quality for aluminium manifacture and DIN ISO 9001 certificate of quality for windowpan production.

As a next step in the successful career is the construction of the new repository for sale and purchase of profiles and windowpane with total area of 3000m2 on the exit from Tetovo to Skopje (near Ramstore), in addition to our two already existing workshops in Drenovec settlement.

About our clients and partners

In MEDA-3, we have different profiles of clients and partners.

During the existence of our company, we have cooperated with large number of private households, companies and enterprises, domestic and international institutions, as well as schools and universities.

A partner in our success is the German manufacturer VEKA and the famous windowpane manufacturer “Mantara” from Bulgaria.

In cooperation with USAID and the Ministry of Education and Science of Macedonia we took part in refurbishment eight elementary schools throughout the Republic. The State University in Tetovo is another client that we have.

Our clients are private households that require equipping their commercial objects, like apartments, houses and weekend houses, and companies and enterprises, for equipping premises and establishments.